Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We All Go Traveling By

I will send you this book in trade for...???

We hope to have traded up to our BUS conversion or RV in early 2008; will you help us achieve the learning adventure of a lifetime?
If you don't feel like trading anything and would just prefer to get your quality children's literature the old fashioned way you can send cold hard cash (ok, a money order is reccomended) or enter some digits online on my website- check out the other wonderful titles Barefoot Books has to offer.


Heartfelt said...

Best of Luck on your tradeup dream... I will be cheering for you... Heartfelt

tribalmama said...

I'll be following along, so see how your trades go! Have you seen abus4abus blog? They're doin' the same thing, great family from Iowa. They've done a few trades. Check it out! (they started w/ a little toy bus!)
Such fun!


Shawn last finished Da Vinci's Last Supper in Nov! No time for puzzles this fall- can't wait until we are in our own place again!!
Are you a puzzler? Want to trade?