Sunday, January 21, 2007

Change, the only constant

Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope - a slight change, and all patterns alter. ~Sharon Salzberg

Well once again, our plans have changed!!

Our lease was up on this house and we were considering moving (I wanted to hit the road, but now - that plan will have to wait at least a year), plus we had some issues with our business. Well the slightest change can truly alter everything. All weekend we have been discussing how to respond to the changes that were presented to us on Friday.

Now here I sit, Sunday morning facing a brand new life, once again! I guess we do that every morning, face a brand new life, that is.

First we are going to sign another 1 year lease and Shawn is going back to work. He is getting a full time day job, and I am looking for a nanny job or some other child centered income source. I may start an in-home preschool type program, or homeschool enrichment program like I had dreamed of doing last spring, but it is appealing to be a private nanny so I wouldn't have to drum up business.

Either way I am looking forward to working with kids again. And being there for Grace; although I really believe we both needed this time while I was working at home- she learned not to rely on me for entertainment and has become so much more independent. I have always had the most fun when involved in learning projects with curious minds. The past 6 months, I noticed that I wasn't enjoying the stay at home mom activities- I think the stress of worrying about our (oh-so-inconsistent) income and the responsibility of helping run a federally regulated business really took it's toll. The sense of relief I have now is so calming.

We are still going to be doing loans, but (as in the past) only as they come. We've never had to go after business and we like it that way. The only ad we ever ran was to help generate leads for an employee, and that whole situation was such a mess. We have learned a lesson and now we aim to keep things simple and not involve friends (Steph, you were right!). Shawn's hoping to find a sales job that involves local travel so he won't be tied to a desk, and he actually has a lead on one in the CCTV industry- just like his job at Rainbow, so he's a shoe in! It would allow him to make/return loan calls while in the car and I can handle the paperwork for the few investment clients we have, so now loans will provide a nice extra income to help us save for that RV and pay off some debt.

Wow, the more things change, the more they stay- insane!

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