Thursday, February 19, 2009

Desperately Seeking a Fairy Godmother

What is the secret to life?

Always breathe. Well duh, without breath we would die- hence the secret to life. But while I am sitting here, breathing in and out- focusing on my breath as it fills me with life, I can't help but wonder- now what?

The Barefoot Bellahs are at a crossroads- we have been road weary travellers for so long, I have forgotten the destination. I have been intent on experiencing "the journey" and I fear I have lost my way- if I ever even knew the way, that is!

My horoscope today says not to lose sight of the distant horizon, stay focused on the long term goal and I realized that I didn't really have one. When I am at work I get caught up in the desire to "move up" in the infrastructure, climb the ladder of success- but I am compelled to raise and educate my children at home. Can I do both well?

G is 7 (going on 17) and I need to start paying attention to her need for independence, her desire to be more of her own person. While J, at just barely 1 year old, is going through a very clingy phase and wants her mama all the time. I feel overwhelmed when I am with them- trying to balance their needs with my own desire to feel successful and accomplished.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit I am constantly devising plans to start some venture or another and I 100% believe in each grand idea- until it shows itself to be seriously flawed or impractical.

Needed: 1 fairy godmother to help me figure out not what to wear to the ball, but where the ball is and whose court I should put it in, to mix metaphors... and since fairy godmothers are quite talented in time management, setting deadlines and creating an illusion to support the picture of a complete princess, maybe I would finally get moving in a direction that feels right.

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