Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Library Elf

I am really loving this wonderful online service that connects me to my local library with hold reminders and overdue notices. It keeps all your cards together (I always forget what Grace had on her card especially!)

Today I returned like 15 items, and when I got home there was a notice that I had one overdue item... I thought for sure it had a glitch, then looked in the DVD player and there was a disc! The case had fallen behind the TV and I didn't realize we still had one. So Library Elf saved the day with it's e-mail!

We are lucky enough to live within a large library system- I don't know how many libraries they have the ability to connect to- but if you use your public library as much as we do, you might like Library Elf.

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Anonymous said...

I've got to start using that too. That whopper of a 13 bucks really shocked me. LOL
Thanks for giving me the link.


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