Saturday, February 10, 2007

Entry for February 10, 2007

I first heard of Senator Barack Hussein Obama from the opening comedian (Rajiv Satyal) for Kevin Nealon, at the Irvine Improv. Shawn's brother and his wife took us (it was their Christmas gift to us- love those gifts that keep on coming!) last weekend.

Rajiv was of course poking fun at the Senator's name- how could a black man, who's first name sounds like Iraq, middle name is the same as Sadam's, and last name rhymes with Osama ever become president? Everyone laughed, but there was a touch of underlying tension for a moment as our collective minds dwelled on those unfortunate connections.

And now it is official that Mr. Obama will be making an attempt to do just that. Vying for the Democratic nomination is our potential first female president, Hillary. Two choices that seem as far as you can get from out current Texas "Good Ol' Boy", Bush. I was interested to read this lightly critical opinion of possible President Obama from Ezra Klein.

And what will the Republicans do?

Check out all my PINK links above to research an answer for this poll- if you don't already have an opinion.

[the poll was a Y360 feature where this entry was originally posted, below are the results]

Who would you nominate for the Dem's?
The Senator from New York, who grew up in Illinois- 2
The Senator from Illinois, who grew up internationally-1

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