Thursday, February 08, 2007

Entry for Feb 8th, 2007

Entry for February 08, 2007 magnify

Ok so I started this big long retrospective of our first 10 years together, and since I only got through the first 5 years: I haven't been blogging, waiting to complete and put that memory filled essay up for all to read- silly huh?

Shawn had an interview at Bay Alarm today while Grace and I cleaned out the garage ("before" picture above- "after" picture to come!) to prepare for a garage sale. Oh such the suburban life!

Uh-oh! I think they just went for a walk in the "backyard's backyard"-

"There they go, I must hasten after them- for I am their Leader" (the other thing that always graced the walls of my parents bedroom when I was growing up- for the first thing you'll have to read my comment on Mel's blog).

Oh good they haven't left- they are trying to fix the yellow flashlight for Me! They have theirs (Grace's pink hello kitty & Shawn's Mag lite!)- I get the cheap 2-for-a-dollar, emergency - batteries-are-always-dead-when-you-need-'em plastic jobby. But... I also get 2 very dear souls who are willing to put new ones in so we can all get our daily family walk in- even though it's 8:00.

Well we're out of batteries- so Grace brought me the green latern. And we're off!

Garage Clean Up:

Click here for First Break photo

Click here for Finished for the Day Photo

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Shawn last finished Da Vinci's Last Supper in Nov! No time for puzzles this fall- can't wait until we are in our own place again!!
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