Thursday, May 07, 2009

A little rain

Feeling the burden of my procrastination, the weight of my irresponsibility.

On the way to yet another dentist appointment (have you flossed and brushed today?) I got pulled over yesterday- for holding my phone. I had it on speaker, but couldn't quite hear. I have a suspended license, for a FTA for a fix it ticket on a car that we no longer own. I used the excuse that we didn't have the money or appropriate paperwork... that's what extensions are for.

The officer was really nice, but warned me sternly that if I continued to drive I'd likely be arrested, my van impounded and my children taken by social services until a relative could get them. OUCH! All for scheduling and paperwork issues. So sad, that real criminals drive around every day and get away with it for years,

I have been super grumpy for the past week. Yesterday I found out why- Aunt Flo arrived (for the fist visit in 2 years) after the officer let me go, with only a ticket for driving on a suspended license (he was understanding about the speaker phone confusion). I'd so rather be pregnant than bleeding...

uhg, sorry, probably TMI for a public blog...

At least I had a lovely little house to come back to, and my two gorgeous children were happy and safe, and my parents were there (a recurring theme) just when I really needed them. Mom drove me home in my van.

Is is something in the stars? Our friend got towed the other night, another friend's car broke down- which planets rule transportation?

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Anonymous said...

My goodness... isn't that what your parental unit is for! To be there for you (whether on purpose or by destiny) when you REALLY need us. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE <3


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