Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Monday Muffins

Monday we made muffins in the morning. We had just a few frozen blueberries and strawberries that we had been using for smoothies, and we still have LOTS of peaches- and with the weather finally turning colder we aren't using them... so we altered the basic muffin recipe from our Betty Crocker cookbook, added a package of Marie Callendars cornbread mix, threw in a mashed banana and the frozen fruits and voila! and they turned out delicious. We made 40 mini-muffins and 12 standard size. While measuring the ingredients we focused on "halves" and "thirds" by using only those 2 measuring cups.

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We also updated both of our chore charts. Grace decided on 2 chores a day that she will do, and I created a chart for myself based on my Daily To Do List (14 things I want to get done every day). Grace earns happy face stickers and she picks the color; I earn foil stars- gold for doing all 7 things in both the AM & PM, silver for 6, blue for 5, red for 4 and green for 3 things done. We can both earn up to 2 stickers a day. We also help each other with our chores and we are going to see who gets the most stickers this month. The one who does gets to pick where we go on a special Mommy & Grace lunch date.

I've been thinking about my random, inconsistent, all over the place online "tracking" and I realized that what I really want to create is like a combination scrapbook, photo-album "life book". Something we can refer to as a family and share with others as we journey through our lifelong learning. Not to "show off" our work, more to have a central location to find recipes we enjoyed, remember events and learning experiences, and collect links and information. I get so sidetracked with the social aspect of blogging, especially with all these cool soc-net sites! I thought of deleting my entire online presence, and making this blog private- but I do enjoy reading the blogs a few friend... I just wish I could comment on their posts without having to join their chosen site for blogging!

I am in the process of pulling all the posts over from my oldest blog site Yahoo! 360- maybe I will do the same with all the others and truly consolidate this time!! Then to work on labels, photos and privacy...

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Melyssa R. said...

You would LOVE an idea I just started then about organization....I took an idea from a blog about creating a notebook to paste all the crap I am constantly tearing out of for for places to go for fun or field jot down notes of things that come to mind,etc. But, this isn't a scrapbook endeavor by any means, no photos or anything. Just a place to "download" my brain and a central place to keep all that stuff and refer back to. I bought a super cheap thick notebook, and am going to glue in a calendar and write our schedule for the month, and then label the pages by dates and glue in anything I have collected that is sitting my pile, make notes, and maybe even use it as a place to glue in ticket stubs,etc. Then at least I have something I can refer back to versus "where did I put that cool recipe for pumpkin cake again?".
I also had an idea for a "photo journal" since I can't get my act together for real scrapbooking, as in the pretty kind. But just taking a scrapbook, putting the photos on a page and jotting notes around them with dates, nothing fancy. At least that way they'd be in books versus a box. Like a photo journal.


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