Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fiber Arts & Friendly Acquaintances

Last night I went to a Knit-Tea-ing circle that another homeschool mom invited me to. It was so relaxing and peaceful, and I finally learned how to knit!! I have been crocheting a blanket (shown below) for Joy, but I've always wanted to knit. So Shannon (oh so patiently) showed me and 3 other ladies the basics- casting on and knit stitch. I took apart what I did last night to start over and make sure I have it (the pink yarn shown below) and someday soon that ball of yarn will magically transform into baby booties!

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I have found that the repetition, the feeling of the yarn, and the sense of productive accomplishment involved in Fiber Arts is very stress relieving. I have been doing a little every night in front of the TV and I am very close to just taking it with me everywhere I go!

It was especially nice that the women who came were from all walks and generations. Shannon the hostess, made a de"light"ful dinner. I do not know when she has time to do all that she does- it boggles the mind- what with 3 kids whom she homeschools, a husband who works many and widely varied hours and co-runs a soccer program that the older 2 kids (who are VERY talented players) participate in- AND she always has very clean and organized home!

Then there is Mendy, a single mom who homeschools her sweet son, Shane, and is a care provider for an elderly lady with Alzheimers, plsu has been working on earning a degree in Homeopathic Medicine; her sister Katy who just had a baby and got married, whose new husband leaves for the Army today. And lovely Bev, a grandma and Special Education teacher, who is just finishing her Masters and has the sweet soul of a saint it seems- she reminds me very much of my own mother.

All of these women inspired me- they do so much and still make the time to gather with friends, and share of themselves. I really needed to be around them last night and I so very much enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Keep on keepin on with your fiber arts. I do think it is not only a stress relieving practice but a great skill to have. I'll take a cute sweater in black when you get a chance. :)

Melyssa R. said...

Wow, I am so impressed! I have a mind block about knit/crochet and people just can't teach me. LOL I bought a Knifty Knitter though so we'll see if I ever master that! Good luck with your yarn crafts!


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