Sunday, July 01, 2007

Entry for July 01, 2007

The fireworks from Pechanga were visible out our bedroom window last night, and they were truly spectacular. I wasn't feeling so well, and I wanted to lay down so I told Grace I'd been watching fireworks for 30 years so there wasn't anything new.

How sad is that? And I was wrong- she held me close and wouldn't let me go and I saw some beautiful displays - stars, Saturn type spheres with rings around them, lots of multicolor pyrotechnics! She oohed and aahed, almost as if to encourage my joy!

She then colored me a picture of fireworks before she went to bed- aren't children wonderful?

Oh I posted a new blog on myhomeschoolplace too- visible only to friends, since it's got a great shot of Grace in her new bathing suit.

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