Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"The World would come to a halt..."

she states bodly, "... if women weren't multi-taskers", she types, as she feeds the baby, the cat, drinks her coffee, gathers her notes for the article she is writing on slowing down and simplifying, makes up a quick "menu" on a paper plate so her homeschooled daughter can practice reading before breakfast, tweets good morning, plays pat-a-cake with the baby, puts a flower in her hair for fun, and writes her blog.

The world wide web spins out the stories of such super-moms. Creating streams of consciousness and e-commerce {insert a cheer for the 1st grader sounding out "scrambled"} consortiums through their connections online and in communities. {logs into Facebook, baby squeals, feeds her another bite}.

The spirit of entrepreuseship is alive and well in the soc-net circles that sprout up around every interest, hobby or belief system. {she makes cornbread mush with berries and milk for the long haired one, shovels a few bites of the same concoction with bananas into her own mouth, gulps more coffee, picks up the toast the baby has launched from her podium whilst chirping out a high pitched series of squeals- delight or disdain? Still wearing her robe at 10:24 the multitasker starts a grocery list and retrieves banana from her monitor, noting to self that baby doesn't like banana these days...}

Take the newest trend, microblogging-, sites such as Twitter are experiencing growth as more and more people discover the entertainment value of "what [others are] doing right now?" {a whiny plea to "stay home all day 'cause its rainy, and cold" is silenced with a glance and quickly replaced with a well supported opening argument-basically stating that for the best of baby and optimal fun we should consider not going anywhere. The almost 7 year old learns fast.}

{Breakfast is finished, dishes await- and the would be writer thinks she should add hyperlinks, find supporting statistics, interview a few experts, fill in some personal anecdotes and publish an article on this fascinating topic, as the still 6 year old screeches about how crazy her mothers is to eat bananas on cornbread and dances around the table chanting ba-na-na-n-a-na-n-aa-a... She thinks how much she'd like to search for an ergo carrier on The Baby Wearer, and the almost 1 year old claps in glee. The woman takes her last sip of coffee, whilst the last few keys click out these words}.


2TooManyHats said...

LOL- I am sure you have described 95% of all moms out there. Mutli-tasking is not an option for us is it :) You should write more often, you are quite talented.

Anonymous said...

With unrelenting distractions and a growing list of tasks calling to be completed, he struggled for the time to finish reading his super-natural wife's recent blog entry. Because of his deep, never-ending, passionate love and admiration for this woman of his, he was able to block everything else out and go for the word delight flight that she was able to write. I was entranced, enchanted and amuzed by the stylings she word sleuthed. Reading this brought a smile to my face and a wonderful feeling which I would not replace.
-Hubby xoxo


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