Monday, January 21, 2008

Waiting on the World to Change

I am going crazy with the waiting. Had another NST and fluid check today. Joy is still quite happy firmly implanted in me. Very few contractions and plenty of movement. We'll see what my Dr says tomorrow.

Tonight Grace & I played with "elliot", her Lil'kinz. Webkinz World is totally fascinating! My mom has been updating her Multiply site. I had discovered another new soc-net site, CafeMom, a while back and explored it a little tonight. Today's Topic was about how you treat your kids when they are sick, which is quite timely since Grace has had a cold for a few days. I started feeling it today. I am wondering if Suzanne doesn't have the right idea! But this internet thing is a fun little time passer...

Nothing new to know now...

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Suzanne said...

I'm going through withdrawals about not blogging about my own trivial self. I enjoy reading everyone elses because it's really only you and Mel. LOL
That doesn't take much time. Of course I have family members on 360and myspace too, a couple old friends but I can either see or talk to them more often in the 3d world. Can't wait to see the baby pics. Hang in there, she's gotta be ready for her debut anytime now. Of course she might even be here already as I type. How exciting!


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