Monday, December 04, 2006

Grace's First Performance

In 2 weeks Grace (and about 100! other little girls) will perform at the gymnastics Winter Extravaganza. She is so excited!

We, her doting parents, almost ruined the whole thing! We forgot to enroll her, thinking the other did. I cried all morning (ok- PMS!) after they told me she couldn't be in it. She- big brave girl that she is- sniffled, shed a tear or two and said, "Maybe next year?"

Then just an hour ago they called and said they could fit her in! Now to find a holiday leotard...

I'll take video- I think I have figured out how to upload it. Or maybe I'll get that new camera I asked the universe for. Let me tell you, the universe can be slow to respond- even when candles are involved.

Boy I gotta consolidate my online presence. Not like the three of you don't read all three of my blogs, would make it easier if I wasn't all over the place, huh? Well that's just my "-ness." My "Tiffanyness". What's your -ness? (And what movie or show did I get that from, I can't remember!)

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